Finding that Christmas Cheer (TV Style)

Between temperatures in the 60s and 70s, being away from family, and lots of traveling this month, it just hasn’t felt like Christmas. Which is upsetting because I LOVE Christmas. Decorating, baking, cuddling with blankets, walks when it’s cold outside, a dusting of snow, getting great photos, trips to Longwood Gardens… All of it. And this year I even waiting until after Thanksgiving to start the holiday tunes! (I usually cheat a bit beforehand.) Continue reading “Finding that Christmas Cheer (TV Style)”

Gnomes and Globs

There are times when I’ll go for weeks doing nothing. I’ll still work, I’ll still eat, and I’ll run my errands. But none of it feels real. It’s just numbness and a lack of focus and drive. I still try to things sometimes, but it just ends up with me sticking to the basics and just surviving, not actually living. But the worst part about that is when you know that it’s happening, but can’t seem to stop it. You know you should do more, but you can’t seem to make yourself do anything other than what you absolutely need to. Continue reading “Gnomes and Globs”

The Return of The Doctor



The Doctor returns tonight! *Insert fangirl screech* Based the on the wrenching hole in my chest that’s still recovering from last season’s finale, it’s about time The Doctor stepped back into my life to fix it. (Although, we all know the Steven Moffat is waiting to crush our hopes and dreams again.) I started watching Doctor Who just as Matt Smith was starting his run as The Doctor, so I focus on New Who. I haven’t gotten around to watching Classic yet.

I’m still adjusting to Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. Continue reading “The Return of The Doctor”