The Return of The Doctor



The Doctor returns tonight! *Insert fangirl screech* Based the on the wrenching hole in my chest that’s still recovering from last season’s finale, it’s about time The Doctor stepped back into my life to fix it. (Although, we all know the Steven Moffat is waiting to crush our hopes and dreams again.) I started watching Doctor Who just as Matt Smith was starting his run as The Doctor, so I focus on New Who. I haven’t gotten around to watching Classic yet.

I’m still adjusting to Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I think he’s a brilliant actor and rewatching the last season has definitely helped me like him more and more. However, watching the episodes as they were premiering, I didn’t have that immediate connection that I had with David Tennant and Matt Smith. I think for me, it’s a matter of the level of compassion exuding from The Doctor. Capaldi is just a colder, more traditional Doctor, so I went in expecting to be blown away by this wonderfully talented man, and found myself a bit disappointed when I was missing the blatant joy of 11 and the intense passion of 10.

That’s not to say that 12 hasn’t grown on me. It just took longer to recover this time than it did with 11. But as I watched Season 8 for the second time through, I found that I really appreciate Capaldi’s humor and delivery as The Doctor, and once you get past the first few episodes (which didn’t really thrill me writing-wise), you start to see The Doctor again. While he is a bit more aloof than the past three regenerations (No, I do not forget 9. Christopher Eccleston is marvelous. DON’T SKIP NINE), we see his genuine care for the human race, and especially for Clara more fully in the latter half of the season. I won’t lie, some of his lines just had me sitting on my sofa with my tea:

Image from Know Your Meme

But moving on… If you haven’t seen the trailer for this season. Watch it right now: Doctor Who Season 9 Official Trailer

So things we know for this season: Missy is coming back, because let’s face it, The Master never really dies. Michelle Gomez does a marvelous job playing jump rope with that line between complete nutjob and evil genius and I personally don’t see where the fact that she’s a woman really becomes a problem. She’s The Master for me. That’s all I see. (Although, I’m still partial to John Simm‘s interpretation. He had an amazing aura on screen. Downright terrifying and thrilling.)

The TARDIS is getting a makeover! Peter Capaldi said in a video interview that the TARDIS is receiving a few changes to better match his Doctor and provide a more Classic Who feeling. Since Capaldi is a more classic Doctor, the alterations to the TARDIS set are very fitting.

AND Jenna Coleman will be officially leaving Doctor Who in this season. While I liked Clara and thought she was more than formidable enough as a companion for The Doctor, I do think it’s time for a new companion. I’m not quite sure what sort of companion 12 needs. But I do have one question:

How can I get an audition?

Less than 24 hours to go! And all I can say is one more thing: DOCTOR!

Who’s your Doctor? Did you like Clara as the companion? What sort of companion do you think Capaldi needs as The Doctor? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Live Long and Geek! Thanks for stopping by.

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